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My Story

As a child, I had a front-row seat to the direct and negative results caused by generational trauma. ​By the age of 15, I was diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and placed on medication. Soon after, I was also diagnosed with OCD and ADD, which came as no surprise. My family has a long history of anxiety, depression, and mental illness. 


I quickly fell victim to the mentality that my mental health, well-being, and success were out of my control. I used my anxiety and ADD as the reason why I struggled in school and failed to make friends, and I used my anxiety and OCD as an excuse for my frequent emotional outbursts and meltdowns. Only after discovering and developing emotional intelligence did my life completely change. I learned how to develop self-awareness to better understand myself and effectively address my emotions, and after many years of healing, I learned to develop compassion for myself, which led to curiosity and additional understanding of myself and my family.

No longer do I suffer from my clinically diagnosed mental illnesses, nor do I suffer from panic attacks or crippling social anxiety. I am in a loving marriage that I would have never dreamed of, and I feel no shame or anxiety when setting boundaries or addressing issues in my many relationships.

My healing journey was not easy, but I would do it 100 times over to live the life I live today. It brings me immense joy to have made it my life's work to help others heal and break the cycle of generational trauma.

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About Brittney-Nichole

My Approach

I take a holistic approach to parenting and  healing generational trauma, weaving together aspects of the mind, body, and, most importantly, and most often ignored, spirit.

My approach is tailored, fluid, and transformative, paving a path for both you and your children to wander, wonder, and discover what authentically resonates with your souls. Here, beyond the confines of conventional wisdom, you are free to craft a nurturing space of love and understanding where your children can thrive, unencumbered by needless 'shoulds,' and flourish in accordance with their unique essence.


While I have degrees in early childhood education and psychology (B.S.), it's my personal journey of healing that truly equips me to coach you through your path to recovery from generational trauma. My qualifications don't merely come from textbooks or mass-produced, generic certifications, as do many of my well-intentioned colleagues, but from a decade-long journey of overcoming my diagnoses of GAD, OCD, ADD, chronic panic attacks, and social anxiety. I understand your struggle deeply - not in theory, but in practice, which includes 15,000 hours devoted to research and practical application.


My Philosophy

On Healing Generational Trauma

It's my firm belief that the root of all interpersonal and generational challenges lies in unresolved trauma. To heal these deep-seated wounds and break the cycle for future generations, we must first embark on a journey of self-discovery. Our symptoms are not a reflection of our identity—we're not broken. Instead, they are indicators that we still have unhealed wounds that need addressing. And contrary to popular belief, they can be resolved holistically. To initiate the process of healing, we must recognize the two separate components of our existence—our authentic self, unblemished, boundless, inventive, and inquisitive, and our ego, our archaic shield that, when distressed, inflicts more damage than protection. The ego no longer serves only as a representation of our identity but distorts reality, instigating fears that immobilizes and incapacitate us and provokes defensive reactions to past trauma. ​It's imperative that we become cognizant of the ego's existence, which often goes into overdrive trying to shield us from harm. Unfortunately, this overprotectiveness hinders our personal growth and healing. And when left unaddressed, these beliefs will be passed down to our children too.

On Parenting

My parenting philosophy revolves around the concept of guidance rather than directive control. By setting a framework based on principles, children are given the freedom to explore, make choices, and inevitably learn from the consequences of those decisions. This approach promotes autonomy and critical thinking in children and respects their ability to understand the context and make judgments accordingly. It is about equipping them with the moral compass to navigate life's vast sea, rather than anchoring them to rigid rules that may not hold in every storm. Through this, we foster the development of individuals who are not only self-reliant and responsible but also empathetic and adaptable to the ever-changing tapestry of life. Rather than shielding them from life's challenges, I believe in preparing them to overcome obstacles with resilience and wisdom. By adopting this approach, children develop into self-sufficient and considerate individuals, well-equipped to handle life's ups and downs with grace and understanding.

"Generations and society may shape us, but we hold the chisel. We are not mere sculptures of past pain but artists of our own healing and can pave the way for our children's healing. Embrace your power, create peace for you and your family, and be a cycle-breaker of intergenerational trauma and toxic social norms."

Interview Brittney-Nichole
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